Tvorivé dielničky pre deti
Tvorivé dielničky pre deti
Montessori herňa
Montessori herňa
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Rozálske hody
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Veselá herňa

About us

Welcome in OBLÁČIK

In a family center where:

  • it is always pleasant to be, whether it is raining or sunny,
  • there is a diverse program prepared for you and your kids,
  • your kids can make new friends,
  • your kids and you can develop your personality through various activities,
  • you can come with your kids to play,
  • your kids learn to socialize,
  • you can come and participate at specialized lectures, discussions or visit various
  • you can meet with other moms and exchange your experiences, pleasures as well as
    concerns about your children,
  • you can engage yourself into creating or developing your talent within the family
    center’s community by learning something new,
  • you can find time for yourself.

The mission of Little Cloud is:

  • to create and offer a place where children, their moms, moms-to-be, dads and other
    supporters of our family center can meet,
  • to ensure meaningful leisure time spent for everyone at our center through our
    broad-range of activities including: sport, music, educational, art and craft and
    social activities as well as various events that focus on the family,
  • to contribute in building and developing family values, fellowship, community, team
    work and multigenerational communication and mutual support.

What kind of work we do:

  • we are a non-governmental  civil organization,
  • we work as volunteers,
  • we are a member of the Mother Centers Union,
  • we are mainly financed by donations, grants, 2% tax refunds and membership

Come and have a look inside:

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this cute video, but mainly to Erika
Fajtová and her husband, Štefan Fajta (cameraman, film editor and producer), composer
Tomas Foldes and last but not least to our “little actors”☺.